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Mount House Association Constitution

1. Name

The name of the Association shall be the “Mount House Association” (referred to herein as “ the Association”).


2. Definitions

2a, “Committee” shall mean the operating committee of the Association, formed and existing pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Constitution;

2b, “Constitution” means the Constitution of the Association, as contained in this document, together with any annexure, additions or amendments as may be made to this document from time to time;

2c, “Member” shall mean any former pupil or other eligible individual who has paid the Subscription Fee, (unless exempted from payment thereof), and is accepted by the Association as a member;

2d, “Subscription Fee” means the subscription price payable by an Old Boy/girl or other eligible individual (unless otherwise exempted from the payment thereof), in order to become a Member;


3. Objects

These shall be

3a, to promote Mount House School (“the School”)

3b, to promote and preserve friendship amongst all former pupils, staff and parents of pupils of the School.

3c. to further the interests of the School in an appropriate manner.

3d, the committee shall have power to do all such acts and things as shall be considered necessary or desirable to carry out the objects of the Association including the receipt and payment of money.


4. The Membership

The Association shall be composed of:

4a, Honorary Members

4b, Life Members

4c, Annual Members

4d, Parent Members


5. Honorary Members

5a, They shall be persons who have made a valuable contribution to the School (with at least 5 years of service) or Association and shall be appointed for life.

5b, Members in General Meetings may nominate such persons as Honorary Members who shall have the same rights as Life Members.

5c, They may attend and take part in General Meetings and other activities of the Association.

5d, The Association shall keep a Register of Honorary, Life and Annual Members.


6. Life Membership

Life Membership is open to former pupils and to members of the teaching and non teaching Staff who have served the School for not less than five years.


7. Subscriptions

7a, Honorary Members will be exempt from payment of any subscription.

7b, Life Members who will have paid a one off Life subscription, The Association reserves the right to change the subscription total, This will be reviewed annually and approved at the Annual General Meeting. All pupils will automatically become Members of the Association on leaving the school, with their Life Membership subscription being paid out of their school deposit, unless they opt out.

7c, Annual Members who pay an Annual subscription via Standing Order. The Association reserves the right to change the Annual subscription total, The subscription total will be reviewed annually and approved at the Annual General Meeting. Members who have not paid their Annual Membership Fee by a date determined by the Treasurer as the cut off date for such fees will cease to be a member of the Association for that particular financial year. Any member who has ceased to be a member of the Association by default will be liable to a rejoining fee in addition to the Annual Membership Fee, if they so wish to rejoin the Association. The rejoining fee will be determined by the Committee and will be set out at the Annual General Meeting.

7d, Parent Members, who are eligible to join the Association on the date of their daughter or son leaving at the end of their full time at the School. They are exempt from paying any subscription in recognition of the fees they have invested in the School.


8. Benefits

Members shall be entitled to:

8a, Receive each year a copy of the School Magazine (“Fanfare”). It is the responsibility of each Member to inform the Association of any change of address.

8b, They shall be eligible to buy an Association tie, scarf and lapel pin.

8c, They shall be entitled to obtain Members discounts on any goods sold/supplied by the Association.

8d, They shall obtain the security password for the Association website to view other Members details.

8e, They shall be eligible to attend any events organised by the Association.


9. Suspension And Termination Of Membership

The Association Committee shall have the power to suspend a member for a period not exceeding twelve months and to terminate membership subject to confirmation at a subsequent General Meeting. At least fourteen days written notice of the General Meeting shall be given to the member concerned stating the reason for such termination. An opportunity shall be afforded to the member to show cause at the meeting as to why such action should not be confirmed.


10. Officers

The Officers of the Association shall be:

10a, The Officers and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

10b, Nominations for the Officers plus Honorary Members shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


11. The Association Committee

11a, The Association will administer it’s own affairs but will agree with the School any areas of responsibility specific to the Association.

11b, The Committee of the Association shall comprise the Officers (10a and 10b) plus not less than four other members elected annually or co-opted

11c, The Committee shall meet at least twice times a year, and when requested by not less than four members of the Committee and a quorum shall comprise of not less than five Members.


12. Meetings

12a, The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually as agreed by the Committee.

12b, Any other General Meetings shall be called Extraordinary General Meetings. They may be convened by either:

  • A resolution of the Committee, or
  • Written notice to the Secretary signed by not less than twelve Members or
  • the Chair

An Annual Reunion shall be held on the Day of the Annual General Meeting or on a date agreed by the Committee. Any other reunion should be notified to the Secretary.


13. Notice Of General Meetings

13a, All General Meetings shall be called by the Chair, Secretary or School who shall give twenty-eight days written notice indicating the date, place and time and the business to be conducted. Due notice may be given via e-mail, or on the Association or School website.

13b, The non-receipt of notice of a meeting by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting.


14. Proceedings At General Meetings

14a, In the case of an Extraordinary Meeting only that business specified in the notice shall be transacted.

14b, At the Annual General Meeting:

  • The Treasurer shall submit a financial report and the audited statement of account.
  • Officers shall be elected.
  • The Chair shall report on the work of the Association during the past year.
  • Any other urgent business by permission of the Chair.

14c, In the event of the number of vacancies for the Committee exceeding the nominations received, those candidates so nominated shall be deemed elected. Nomination should be received fourteen prior to the date of the meeting.

14d, The Chair of the Committee shall preside at every General Meeting. In the Chair’s absence the Vice Chair shall take the meeting.

14e, In the event of equality of votes on a resolution other than that relating to the election of the Officers and the Committee, the Chair shall have the casting vote.

14f, In the event of an equality of votes for membership of the Officers and Committee the vacancy shall be filled by the drawing of lots.

14g, At the General Meeting convened a quorum should consist of at least five members entitled to vote.


15. Regional Brances And Area Representatives

Branches may be formed on a regional basis as and when members of the Association in those regions may decide. Such Branches shall be free to engage in any activity which does not contravene the Rules of the Association.


16. Colours

16a, The colours of the Association shall be cream, light green and gunmetal grey. 16b, The “logo” of the Association is to be the “Turret and Moat” motif in the school colour way set out in 16b.


17. Finance

16a, The Treasurer shall keep accounts of all receipts and payments and shall submit an annual statement of accounts for inspection by a suitably qualified independent person not later than 28 days prior to the Annual General meeting.

16b, The Committee shall nominate signatories (two) and the account will be subject to an annual independent inspection.

16c, The Financial year of the Association shall be from the first of June to the thirty first of Mayt.


18. Dissolution

In the event of the Association being wound up, any assets remaining after satisfying the outstanding debts and liabilities shall not be distributed among the members of the Association, but shall be gifted to the School for the benefit of the pupils of the School in any manner which is exclusively charitable at law.


19. Alteration Of Rules

18a, No new rule or alteration of any existing rule shall be made by vote of not less than two thirds majority of members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of such proposed alteration, duly seconded, shall be lodged with the Secretary not less than forty-two days before the Annual General Meeting or EGM, as appropriate.

18b, The Chair shall have the power to interpret these rules should there be any ambiguity about purport or intention.

18c, Any matter not provided for in these Rules shall be determined by the Chair or properly convened Extraordinary General Meeting.