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All About The Wortham Films

Digitising the Wortham Film Archive

Ian Kilpatrick, a former teacher and committee member, contacted Peter Wortham, Tony Wortham's nephew, to ask about all the films that his Uncle had made during his years at Mount House. Peter then gave permission for us to use the films in ways that would benefit the Association and its members.


The films, held in the The South West Film Archive, were looked at by Ian and found to be in need of some tender loving care. The Association Committee agreed that the best way to preserve them and counter any further deterioration, was to have them digitised. (A sampler was made by Evermedia in Cheshire who were able to improve the quality of the films as well as preserve them. Click to see film.) This was at some considerable cost to the Mount House Association funds (in excess of £5000), but it was felt that the expenditure was necessary. The entire collection of films is now safely copied onto three separate hard drives, one of which will be given to the school.


The "Editing"

After many many days of working his way through hours of waving daffodils and the ever-present “Winston”. Jon Elworthy (Association Secretary) has put the films into year categories and added a description to each. He had thought that this would be a relatively easy job, however HPW had “broken” down the existing annual format for later film shows at the school. So you may find yourself appearing at the beginning of the film as a 13 year old, only to reduce in age by the end! We had planned to accompany each film with Vivaldi's Four Seasons and the skiing with Tyrolean Yodeling but after watching the first 4 hours it was decided that the additional cost was prohibitive and it would drive you all mad too!


The DVD categories

We can now offer a copy of the films on separate DVD's as they were edited and shown by Tony Wortham (minus the music!). We will make a small profit on each one sold, to go towards the cost of the films' preservation. There is a discount for all paid up members, honorary members and parents of former pupils, as your fees have enabled us to carry out this work. View DVD catalogue


Donations to the film archive fund

If any members would like to make a financial contribution over and above buying a few DVD's, the MHA would be very grateful, and the Treasurer would "bite your hand off"! Click here to email the Treasurer


"Disclaimer" and feedback

Please forgive us if some of our dates are not entirely correct, we had to rely on a bit of guess work at times. To help add to the descriptions, (and in some cases, correct things) we have provided a feedback form on the website so that those of you who purchase the DVDs, will be able to add information and names, these can then be added to the sleeve note and catalogue of subsequent issues.