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Catalogue of films

Use this catalogue to look up the films that cover the years you were at Mount House, if you wish to order a DVD, make a note of the DVD number and select DVD order form from the Wortham Films menu.

DVD No Approx Date Description


Film time 60.35 mins.

Film footage of a (1st) XI cricket match on Herongate, with views up towards the school over the allotments!!! The Rhododendrons by the boat pond. Fly casting lessons. Gardening. Art lesson in the grounds. Camping and sailing trip with HPW. More cricket on Herongate. Pioneer camp. Athletics/open day. Building the gym. A trip to the coast. Footage of Britannia visiting Plymouth. Boys in rowing boat. Sailing and camping trip. Sailing in the Estuary (where?) Coastal scenes. Body surfing. Playing on the boat pond. Staff members look on. Clearing stones from the 1ST XV pitch and sowing the grass seed. Views of the school. Dining hall scenes. The 1st pitch after the grass has grown! HPW and boys pointing the block word of the gym. Ground clearing by the boys. Football match on Rowden. Boys running up the drive. Boys looking at the grounds in Autumn. Coastal scenes. Views of the grounds and school. Boys at break time with milk and bread. Football match on Rowden. More boys at break time Boys playing and others dragging cart. The newly built gym. More views of the grounds.


The year's ski trip to Austria (?). The Tavy. Boys studying. Staff relaxing. Boys relaxing on the front slope. A walk on the moors. Scenes for the grounds + sheep grazing in the grounds. Leveling and constructing the playground. Characters from the year's play. Flowers in the grounds. The cross country races. Packing for a trip to Wales? Flooding in the grounds (where the lake is later constructed). Tarmacing the drive. HPW and boys repairing a boat. A very nice golf shot. Sailing model boats on the pond. Boys swimming in the Tavy. Picking stones off the 1st XV pitch. Scottish dancing by the nets. Sailing and swimming off the coast. Staff and boys relaxing in the grounds. Coastal scenes. Boys camping and cooking. Runaway lawnmower. Trip to see a tall ship. Cricket match on the Oval. Boys using back pack radios. Cricket practice. in the nets. Practicing the "the gun race". Sailing and camping trip to Cornwall (?)




Film time 55.14 mins.

The film starts with a pupil writing 1958 (?) on a black board. Wortham reel title definitely 1959. Boys on ferry on their way to the year's ski trip. Skiing footage. Snow at the school. Snow balling and tobogganing. Scenes from the rear courtyard below the clock. Cricket game at break time. Rugby on Rowden. Ken Cload playing and coaching. Crocus's on the bank. More rugby. Constructing Nelson and Mountbatten? Miss Lee hiding her face? Workman loading logs. Footage/studies of various teachers. Landscaping/constructing the Val. Sheep in the grounds. Characters in full dress from the year's play. Cross country footage. Bulldozer working on the new cricket pitch. Boys doing P.E. Boys on car ferry. Ruined Cathedral - but where? Hill walking and wonderful footage of staff members and pupils in vintage car. The orchestra tune up. More highland footage. Camping. HPW and pupils. Another ruined church/cathedral. More rural scenes from the trip. Boys walking along and diving into river. Picking stones off the new Oval. Boys playing on the boat pool. Sailing trip. Cricket on Herongate. - boys against Masters or is it a early Wanderers match? Archery practice.


Building a dam and swimming. Camping in the Grounds. Boy tied to totem pole with sign saying "Frying tonight (Fred Cumeo?)" - surname had to read. Can you confirm the name? Cricket on the new Oval - no Pavilion. More camping scenes. Scottish dancing. Tug o' war. Leavers carving names. High jump competition. Sack "fight". Gymnastics exhibition. Athletics action. Swimming. Tea at the front of the school. The Golf Final. Sailing and camping trip with HPW and another tutor. Boat race. Sailing in a larger yacht around the Isle of Wight. Leveling the new play ground with a bulldozer. Pupils reading in front of the school. HPW visit to another school - can you identify? Laying the hardcore for the play ground. Making a wooden boat. Football practice. 1st Eleven football match. Playing on the new play ground. Building the perimeter wall. Another 1st Eleven match. Remembrance service in Tavistock. Boys climbing pole during visit to the coast. Waves crashing against rocks during a storm. Tavy in spate. Sunset.



Film time 60.12 mins.

First half of the film is of the year's ski trip (Lech?). Good footage of HPW and pupils relaxing outside in the sun. Footage of the Tavy in spate. Visit to ruined cathedral. Parking outside "The Farmers Arms - but where? Boys on car ferry. Construction of the new swimming pool. Tutor riding motor bike. Coastal scenes. Nets drying outside cottage. Boy climbing on rocks. More views of the swimming pool.


Cricket practice. Match on the Oval. Pool cleaning and relaying the paving by the pool. Boys on the diving platform. Flowers in the grounds. More scenes from the pool. Building the new teaching wing and staff room. Boys on type of "bosons' chair" over the Tavy. Someone's new powder blue mini. Scottish dancing on the playground. Swimming in the pool/building site. Sailing trip to Plymouth to see the competitors in important sailing race (unknown). Footage of Francis Chichester in Gypsy Moth III. Cricket match on the Oval . Boys watching the match. Surfing trip. Tea outside the school. Cricket on the Oval. Construction work continues on the new wing. Pioneer camp. Skinny dipping in the river. Assembly in the grounds around the camp fire. Running races and high jump competition. The Annual sack fight. The long jump competition. Gymnastics exhibition. The obstacle course. The sack race. More gymnastics/PE and packing up. More obstacle course footage. Sailing footage. The new wing nearing completion. Diving competition and swimming races. Doubles tennis match (final?). Tutor driving off in his Rolls Royce!!!? Yachts at anchor. The Bugle Inn. Sailing in the Sound. Footage of what looks like Britannia. Race footage. Boys on the beach/cove and sailing in the Estuary. Boys skinny dipping in the pool. The finished Teaching wing. Boys looking down from Howe and Frobisher dormitories. Football practice. Drawing lesson. Goosey fair. 1st XI match. Autumnal shots of the grounds and a walk on the Moor.



Film time 69.49 mins.

First section of this film is of the year's ski trip. Good studies of the boys enjoying themselves on the sun deck. Is this Oberlech - HPW's favourable ski resort? Rugby practice on Rowden - Ken Cload and Captain Glossop playing and coaching. Art lesson in the grounds. 1st XV away match (St Michael's Tawstock?) Colts match on Herongate. XV match on Rowden. Flowers in the grounds. PE in front of the school and near the play ground. Hoist the school flag. HPW and boys spreading fertilizer on the Oval. Boys putting down hardcore prior to the swimming pool paving being laid. Boys and tutors to the front of the school. Boys playing marbles. The cross country races. PE exhibition. Characters from the year's play. HPW in front of dormobile prior to trip. Views of the dual carriageway passing a sign showing the way to Lancaster and passing the turning to Preston, Blackburn and Blackpool. Highland cattle suggest a Scottish destination. Trip on a car ferry. Visit to a Memorial - Bonnie Prince Charlie? Coastal visit and visit to some standing stones. Scenes of a Scottish beach. Birdlife on the cliffs. Various scenes of the highlands and islands. Trip on a ferry under the Forth Rail bridge and scenes of the construction of the Forth Road Bridge. Visit to ruined Cathedral. Sunset over water.


Boys varnishing and repairing boat. Being offered a cup of tea. Lois Spencer with wheelbarrow. Boys on the swimming pool slide. Boys playing at the boat pool. Cricket match on the Oval. Boys at play in the pool. Sailing in Plymouth sound. Large white cruise liner in harbour. RAF lecture. Seniors cricket match. Sailing trip up the Tamar. Views of the Tamar Bridge being constructed. Vintage car under the school porch. Action from the Oval. P. E. exhibition. Camping in the grounds (Pioneers?) evening activies around the camp fire. Teachers dressed as boys and boys as teachers. Fantastic footage of HPW's visit to the construction site of the Tamar Bridge. Cricket match on the Oval. Camping and swimming in the Tavy. Athletics/open day. Obstacle coarse. The Golf final. Tennis match. Swimming Gala. HPW visit to another school for concert. Sailing footage. Bulldozer at work - digging the lake? Boys visit to the coast. Football match on the 1st pitch. Nude bathing in the swimming pool. Printing machine near the veranda. Studies of pupils. Bonfire night. Football match on Rowden. Photography trip. Junior football practice on Stoney pitch and Rowden. Morning break. Scenes from the classroom.



Film time 68.55 mins.

Film starts with pupil writing 1962 on wall. Footage of the year's ski trip to Austria (?). The felling of a large tree in the grounds. Boys burning the twigs and branches. Wintry scenes from the grounds. Snowballing and tobogganing - Lois Spencer in attendance. HPW skiing to the front of the school. The world smallest snowball in MH uniform. Ken Cload, Captain Glossop and pupils on field trip. 1st XV match against St Michael's Tawstock. Landscaping the lake. Laying turf around the pool. PE in the courtyard. Master ringing the bell at break. Rugby match on Rowden. 1st XV photo. Cross country races. Pupil blowing out candles on birthday cake. Characters from the year's play or fancy dress competition. The completed lake. HPW and boys by domobile prior the trip to Scillies. Rough weather on the boat. Coastal scenes. Walking in the country. general views. Birdlife. Footage of boys accompanying Light house officer to begin his shift - very rough weather. Viewing seals and birdlife from the boat. The trip back on the Scillonian.


Scenes from the swimming pool. Fishing the new lake. Cricket on the Oval. The New Pavilion. Cricket on the 1st pitch. Sailing model boats on the pool. Nets practice on the Stoney pitch. Flowers in the grounds. Cricket match on the Oval. Scenes from the pool. Rowing on the lake. Boys relaxing on the slope at the front of the school. Sailing on the lake. Boys gardening. Flowering plants in the grounds. More sailing on the lake! Boys against staff cricket match? Water polo. Flowers in the grounds. A lesson by some cricket professionals - can you identify. Sailing trip, including visit to a cafe + resident Cockatoo. Sailing action from the Estuary. Tennis coaching. Boys gardening. Sailing off Plymouth. Scenes from Pioneer camp. Athletics action. PE/Gymnastics. Scenes from the swimming pool. Boys against Ladies cricket match!!! Swimming Gala and prize giving. Tennis footage. Pole joist at the swimming pool. Boys rowing on the lake (poor film quality)


Football on the 1st Pitch. PE on the play ground. Model boat sailing with Miss Lee (she is still trying to hide her face!) Football practice. Mealtime in the dining room. More football. Goosey fair. Scenes from break time. 1st XI match. Trip to the moors - climbing Tors. Scenes from around the grounds. Boys in suits waiting outside the school - Sunday Service? HPW footage of waves crashing during a very bad storm. Amazing footage of boys visiting shipwreck the 'Jeanne Gougy'. Waves crashing over the capsized ship. Then footage of helicopter winching survivors off ship! Bonfire night. Boys in full uniform about to martch down the drive - End of term service. Wintry scenes on the moor. Football match on Rowden with rainbow in the background. Boys walk in the country - Bere Ferrers. Pupils doing carpentry. Boys wave goodbye - the end.



Film time 47.46 mins.

Being 1963 it starts with some very wintry scenes of the school and grounds. More snowy scenes from a ski trip. (some confusion here as the action then resumes back at the school, only to return to further ski action towards the end of the film - two trips perhaps?). More wintry scenes of MH great tobogganing footage. A very wild walk on the moor + more tobogganing action. Building an Igloo in the grounds. Snowdrops in the melting snow. HPW and boys taking part in Navy rescue exercises. Footage includes a "drop" by a Lancaster bomber. Boys walking in the country. Bulldozers landscaping Herongate. 1st XV match at Tawstock. Rugby match on Rowden. Boys being lifted in a bulldozers "bucket" - if they don't fall the exhaust fumes should finish them off!! (Health and Safety would have a fit). PE on the playground. 1st match on Rowden. Boys gardening. The cross country. Characters from the years play. PE exhibition. The ski trip to Oberlech, Austria.


Film time 69.24 mins.

The film commences with footage of Christmas festivities. Choir singing, bible reading and the Christmas dinner. Buying tuck. Pupils reading in the Library and playing draughts. Inoculations. Bath time and bedtime reading. The Cup winners. Decorations in the school. Scenes from the grounds. The years skiing action from Oberlech. Rugby practice on the 1st pitch and 1st XV match on Rowden. Scenes from the grounds and boys walking up the drive. Boys relaxing during a photography lesson. JCB laying drainage system on Herongate. Ewes and lambs in the grounds. Boys working by the new lake (first sighting of Philip Moore?) The cross country races. P. E. exhibition. Rugby set match final on Rowden, followed by the prize giving. The Orchestra in action. Performers in this years play.


Boys visiting Cathedral and scenes from the journey on this year HPW trip away. Passing signs to Birmingham and Bromsgrove. Mountain scenes. Birdlife along the cliffs. On board the boat to Mallaig and the Kyle of Lochalsh. Tutor and boys re-enacted the Massacre of Glencoe at the actual location of the event. The return journey, with views of the Forth road and rail bridges. The trippers outside the school.


Boys repairing the boats and painting the trailers. Lois Spencer washing her car. Boys sailing model boats. Nets practice. Boys playing in the pool. PCM giving swimming lesson. Sailing trip with HPW. Mr. Buckland being rowed on the lake. Tall ships in Plymouth Sound. Masters against Boys cricket match. Nets practice. HPW messing around in the pool. Sailing on the Lake. Constructing Raleigh dormitory or staff accommodation.? Boys at the coast. Cricket match on the Oval. HPW punting in Cambridge. Visit to Dartmouth College. Fly casting on the last. Boys swimming in a moorland pool. The earliest record HPW "special effect" film footage!!! Pioneer camp. Games - tug o' war, etc. Athletics and obstacle courses. The BBC filming the bowling machine. Gymnastics exhibition on the playground. Sailing and swimming. A swimming competition against Wolborough Hill and Buckland House. Staff playing cricket. The swimming Gala. Messing about in boats on the lake. HPW trip to the Algarve, Portugal. Boys and HPW sailing. Scenes from the grounds. Philip Moore leaning out of window in his new accommodation? A walk on the moors. Someone's birthday. Boys climbing and jumping a ditch. Break time. Playing conkers. Final Autumnal views of the School.



Film time 76.11



The film starts with footage of the year's ski trip to Oberlech and the Sonnenberg. Back to MH and more snow. A wintry trip to the moor. Scenes from the grounds. 1st match on Rowden. Rugby practice and another match on Rowden. More cold weather. Bird watching trip. Away rugby match at Tawstock? The year's cross country races. Feeding ducks on the drive. The bowling machine in action. A drawing lesson in the grounds. Relaxing and reading beside the drive, overseen by Matron.. PE exhibition on the playground. The rugby set match final and celebration cake? Trunks and sleds waiting to go home. Footage of HPW's trip to Paris, including some interesting footage of De Gaulle.


This part starts with the journey up new duel carriage ways and the M6 to the years trip to Scotland. A stop off at the Old Blacksmith's Shop in Gretna Green. On to the Balahulish Ferry. Visit to weavers and crofts. General scenes of the area. Boys doing the washing up on the beach. Coastal footage including gannets diving for fish. More costal scenes. Another Ferry trip. Monument to Flora MacDonald. The Ferry arrives at Lochmaddy. Boys with Winston. View across to Eilean Doune castle. The Pass of Killiecrankie. Over the Forth Road Bridge on the way to Edinburgh. Edinburgh castle. Back in England - visit to Cathedral. The Dales? Boy on stocks! Back at school and archery on the Oval. Nets practice and other events on the Stoney pitch. Golf practice. Flowering plants in the grounds. Boys sailing in Plymouth Sound. Scenes from the swimming pool. Visit to large castle (?) and modern Cathedral (?) Boys gardening. Cricket on the Oval. Sailing model boats on the boat pond. Fly casting practice/competition. Archery and sailing/rowing on the lake. 1st cricket match. Pioneer camp. Camp cooking. The Orchestra. Building rafts and almost sailing them. Boys hiding under grass covered planks. Boys competing in various events - and backward pole walk and tug o' war, sack race, very funny spin and run game. Swimming pool games. Boys walk back up the hill - the end of Pioneer camp? Rainy scenes in Tavy and flooding on the Oval.


Footage of Athletics Day. A very good high jump competition - looks painful. The Annual sack fight. More races. The obstacle race. Prize giving. The swimming competition against Wolborough Hill and Buckland House. Boys watch bulldozer at walk. The swimming Gala. The morning dip!! The year's golf final. The tennis final? Boys at the swimming pool arranged on diving boards and platforms. HPW visit to Cambridge. HPW and boys revisit last years holiday location in the Algarve, Portugal. Sailing at Salcombe. Sailing and campsite scenes.



Film time 47.07 mins.

This part of the years film starts with boys beside the Doormobile on the years trip to Scotland. HPW driving along a deserted beach. Winston runs along side. Windy coastal scenes. A visit to Criccieth Castle. HPW and boys "bagging a Monroe"? More wintry highland scenes. Visit to a ruined castle. Winston meets his match. Visit to Caernarvon Castle. Back at school and views of the newly constructed Mountbatten/Maths block. Building work at the school. Away cricket matches - location unknown. Bobby Simpson and film crew come to the school to give a lesson in batting against the bowling machine. Some impressive shots from players on the 1st pitch including Ken Cload being hit for a six. The nets full of cricket enthusiasts. More construction on site - is it the Dining room? Scenes from the swimming pool and the lake. Boys relaxing and reading outside in the sun. Cricket matches on the 1st pitch and Herongate. RAF lecture. High jump and other athletics action. A cross country race during Pioneer camp? The obstacle course and afternoon tea to the front of the school. Swimming tests. Ducks and ducklings. Another visit by the BBC. Cricket match on the Oval with some nice studies of the pupils watching. Cricket on Herongate. Boys mowing the bank by the drive. Fielder gets ball in the ribs down on Herongate. Pioneer camp cooking. Staff members birthday? Cutting the cake. Impossibly difficult barrel walking game, tug o' war, boy/pole carrying game and chariot race competition. More camping scenes. Boys in the pool. Golf practice. Boy mowing the outfield on the Oval. Fly casting competition. Swimming competition against Wolborough Hill. The swimming Gala. Boat race on the lake. Doubles tennis final. "Poops" relaxing in the sun.


The annual trip to the Algarve, Portugal. Boys at the campsite. Boys climbing on cliffs at Farol Do Cabo de St. Vincente. Views of a bike race - The Tour de Portugal? Going to Lisbon to catch flight. The flight. Landing. Another trip to the Med. Taking the Ferry Capri. Views of the island. The flight home. The new Dining room extension. The interior. Works to the new science block. Sailing model boats on the boat pool. Boys playing with Winston. The new dining room at mealtime. Gardeners landscaping outside the new extension. Boys, HPW and Ian Kilpatrick taking tea and reviewing the landscaping work. Someone's birthday and cutting the cake. Football matches on the first pitch and Herongate. Autumn scenes in the grounds. Break time. Visit to a zoo. Boy blowing bubbles with Winston catching them. Boys playing pool, model making, playing subuteo and other games. Characters from the play. Bonfire night.



Film time 81.58 mins.

Part 1. Colour film of a typical year at Mount House. This is earliest full year account we have. Skiing in Austria. Staying at the Sonnenberg Hotel in Oberlech. Boys walking on Dartmoor. General views of the school and grounds. Rugby and football footage. Scenes from the play ground, with Philip Moore. Obstacle course. Playing on the beach. Coastal scenes. Ian Kilpatrick, Philip Moore and HPW present. Inter- set rugby match. Highlights of the years cross country races. Geology field trip. Visit of HRH the Queen Mother to Tavistock. Scenes of the swimming pool and cricket matches. Ian Kilpatrick teaching Gym work on the playground. Drawing/art lesson in and around the school buildings and grounds. Boat pond scenes. Building camp fires. The return of Sir Francis Chichester to Plymouth after his successful solo Round-the -world attempt. Sailing on the lake. First eleven and colts cricket. Flying model airplanes by the nets.


Part 2. Archery mishap. General views of the grounds, featuring visiting bird life. Swimming at the pool. PCM present. Athletics days and other events in the grounds. Pioneer weekend. Slow motion and reverse action shots of divers. General views (A young John Jackson featured). Swimming gala. Tennis match and the Golf final. Sailing and camping trip with HPW. Pirates battle. Walking on the moor. Helping the workmen repair the Science lab. Leon Goosens playing the oboe. The dining room at lunchtime. Building the bonfire and subsequent fireworks night footage. Flood footage. Boys doing their hobbies and relaxing. (The film them jumps forward to another year with scenes of boys receiving injections. This year is probably 1974/5).



Film time 61.30 mins.

Full colour film, in one part. Starts with general views of school. Skiing footage. 1st XV rugby match. Yo-Yo's in the playground. PCM with boys. Shoe cleaning. Playground action. HPW teaching. School visit to Buckland Abbey(?). Royal Marine helicopter visit. General views of the flowers and grounds. Visit and rescue display by RN Sea King helicopter. Swimming whilst the pool is being refurbished. Sailing on the lake. Visit to Plymouth to view transatlantic race yachts? Violin practice. 1st Eleven match and tea to follow. More cricket on the colts pitch and the Oval. Boy's relaxing. Athletics/ Open day. Ian Kilpatrick and boys giving gymnastics display. Archery and fishing displays. Pioneer weekend. More cricket scenes from the Oval and Stoney pitch. Golf practice. PCM judging the diving competition at the Pool. The Golf final. The boys preparing for THE ELEVEN +. Can't you just smell the Brut!!! Live dance action!! The seasons change to Autumn. Matron playing cards. Fireworks in Nov. The day after at the bonfire. Football and rugby action. Inoculation day. Pool and chess games. Studies of the boys. Surfing trip.


Film time 59.84 mins.

Part 1. Full colour film. Opening sequence with boys walking up the drive. Boys running towards the camera - a great opportunity to see yourself and people you know. Skiing in Austria. Views of the Sonnenberg hotel in Oberlech. Back at school running down the hill. Roller-skating in the playground. Wood working at the Cop Shop. Bird watching on the Estuary (Bere Ferrers) Birdlife in the grounds of MH. Wintry scenes of the grounds, followed by views in Spring sunshine. Football match. Examples of the skill of the woodworker. Art show exhibits. Football - set match final. Swimming - special effects. One brave boy climbs the main flag pole.


Part 2. Running down the hill for a swim. General views of the grounds. Watching Cricket on the Oval. Colts cricket match on the Stoney pitch. Sailing on the lake. Drawing lesson in the grounds. Gaining swimming awards. Bowling machine action. Sailing on the lake. HPW practicing his camera special effects. Summer term open day - shots of the athletics, cricket, archery and swimming events. Scenes from the Pioneer weekend. Frisbee competition and bike race. Trip to Wilton House. Short clip of a visit to St.Mary's College, Winchester. Boys trip to the Mediterranean with HPW. Back to school. Set rugby match. Football match.



Film time 60.51 mins.

Part 1. Full colour film footage. Classic Wortham opening sequence with a trip up the drive. 1st XI football against St. Petrocs. Coach trip to Kent's Cavern + visit to The Dartmoor Inn pub! Falconry display at the School. Setting off for the ski trip to Lech. Traveling on the Hovercraft. Visiting Paris. Shots of skiing and the mountains. The journey home. The morning walk up and down the drive. Sailing trip on the Tamar? Colts cricket on the Oval. The 1st XI against Wolborough Hill at home. General shots of the House and the grounds. Views of the coast. Special effects shots at the swimming pool. Sailing on the lake and at the estuary. Open day at the school, with gymnastic display, cricket match and tennis final. Pioneer weekend.


Part 2. General shots of pupils. Cricket on the Oval. Pupil carving their names on the Leaver's panels. Golf final. Tennis final. Swimming Gala. IK teaching rugby. Workmen repairing slates and decorating the teaching block and clock house. Playing conkers and gardening. Rugby on the 1st Pitch against St. Petrocs? General views of the grounds. Fireworks and bonfire. Science experiments and music practice. Model making. The Plus and Minus board!! Reading the bible. The Boys of 1970 - general shots and good for recognising fellow pupils.



Film time 48.19 mins.

Part 1. Full colour footage. "Classic" Wortham start to film with boys running, going to lessons, and running along the playground wall. General views of the ground throughout the year. A snowy morning. Playing blow football. The boys doing their chores. Football match on Herongate. Football match on Rowden. Birdlife in the grounds. Boys working in the grounds. Cross country races. Carpentry work in the Kop Shop. The year's ski trip to Switzerland (?). Boys at play on the playground and boat pond. The morning walk on the Drive. Colts cricket practice with Ken Cload. May Day.


Part 2. Visit to Lundy. Pioneer camp. Boys sitting on main entrance gate. Visit to a breakwater? More pioneer camp. Shots of the "all conquering" Colts cricket team. Waiting for the Eleven + dance to begin (some interesting fashion statements). General scenes of boys working and playing. Surfing trip. Insects in the grounds. Paddling and playing in the Tavy. Swimming pool scenes. Rugby training with Captain Glossop, Ian Kilpatrick and Roy Buchannan-Allen. Lois Spencer and the stamp collectors. Conkers on a frosty morning. Cleaning bikes. Going to the gym. Ken Cload with boys. Captain Glossop teaching. Sailing with HPW on the Tamar. General views of the grounds and the moor. Loading up the dishwasher. The notice board. Christmas party and games.



Film time 63.26 mins.

Part 1. Full colour footage. General views of boys running and playing. Events throughout the year. Football training with Ken Cload. Various football matches. Mealtime in the dining room. Conservation work at site of new dam. Conservation work in and around the lake. James Thomas undertaking building work to the Science lab. Board games in the Hall. Playing with remote controlled cars in courtyard. Owls V Kangaroos football final. Presentation of the Set Soccer cup. The 1972 cross country races. The winners. General views of the grounds. Tennis and fishing coaching.


The full film of the 1972 ski trip. Location unknown.


Part 2. 1st XI match at the Oval. Visit to Drakes Island. Visit to Dartmouth Naval College. Classic HPW swimming pool special camera effects. Miss Devon! Fishing and archery. The Golf final. Waiting for and greeting the girls at the Eleven +. Sailing trip with HPW. School trip to Greece. Late summer autumn views of the grounds. Football practice. with Captain Glossop and Graham Bush. 1st XV match. Repair and decoration to the front of the school. Visit to reservoir.



Film time 72.19 mins.

No formal film tiles for this year. Views of the school for various vantage points. General views of the grounds. Boys playing on the boat lake - Trafford, Morshead, Prowse, Swarbrick, Whicher and Bruce Burton. Nets practice. Down by the river. Jumping for conkers. More nets practice. Cricket practice with Ken Cload. Swarbrick and Heath-Saunders present. High jump practice. Athletic practice. Graham Bush coaching. Trying to light a fire with a magnifying glass. Junior and senior cross country races. Boys playing with knives, then making daisy chains! Golf practice, fly casting and sailing on the lake. Hockey on the 1st pitch - surely not!! Roller skating on the playground - Prowse, Fox and Stannus on view. Athletics day. Football on a very muddy Herongate. Lunch in honour of HPW and the Wychamist Society - the Menu. Boys in the rear courtyard. Steve White, William Dixon, Jonathan Bussell and Richard Thomas present. Boys playing in the grounds. Game consists of boys wearing numbers on their foreheads and hiding in the grounds! Boys and parents at the front of the school. Visiting Headmaster present - Frank Fisher? Possibly end of term. Toby Stevenson with his father. The year's ski-trip to Oberlech. RBA operating the bowling machine. Cricket match on the 1st pitch. Sailing with HPW in Plymouth Sound and up the Tamar. Aircraft carrier, submarine and other RN ships. Swimming pool scenes, including HPW "special effects" footage. James Thomas teaching outside. A coastal walk, then swim in the sea. Cream tea at Gara Rock? Camping in the grounds - cooking on the camp fire. Boys trip to what looks like Morwellham Quay. Country walk. Pioneer camp. More cooking scenes and the cooking competition. Boy eating bun - in reverse. Boy mowing green - in reverse. Fly casting competition. Set cricket competition winners. 1st XI cricket team photo. The golf Final. Boys walking down the drive to the end of term service in Tavistock. Scenes from the church. Playing conkers and scenes from the grounds. Inoculations. Rugby on Herongate and the 1st pitch. Colts football on the Stoney pitch. Autumnal scenes from the grounds. Boys cycling in the grounds, planting a tree and flying model planes. Examples of boys' artwork. Scenes from the grounds. Walking down the drive. Boys playing with Winston. More inoculations. Boys in the grounds, swimming pool and one boy stares intently at something. Helicopter takes off from the Oval.


Film time 56.53 mins.

Part 1. Full colour footage. General views of boys running and playing in the courtyard and the playground. A pruning and gardening lesson. A photographic assignment in Peter Tavy. James Burton trying to chop his leg off whilst sitting up a tree. Football matches on the Stoney pitch and Herongate. 1st XI match. Wintry scenes of the grounds. Ski trip to Oberlech. A wedding at the school. Action for the boat pond. Athletics and golf lessons. Summer scenes from the grounds. The cross country races. Sailing with HPW in Plymouth. Colts cricket on Herongate. Athletics and cricket training. Swimming pool play. Richard Thomas, Steve White batting. More swimming pool action. School athletics day.


Part 2. Playing in the Tavy. School open day. Scenes from the open day play. Cricket - 1st XI against Sunningdale. Pioneer weekend. A wedding at the school. A very "muddy" sailing trip. A Wanderers cricket match. Mark Thompson bowling. David Rees wicket keeping. Views of nature and the grounds. Rugby training with Graham Bush and Patrick Cashell. 1st XV match. Nick Dyke scoring. Flying model planes. Rugby practice near the playground. Outdoor art lesson with Jo Thomas - indoor science lesson with James Thomas. Building the bonfire for the 5th. Inoculations. Ringing the lesson change bell.



Film time 60.13 mins.

Part 1. Full colour footage. "Classic" Wortham start to film with journey up the drive to the opening titles. Selection of action shots from throughout the year. Wintry sledding scenes. Colts match on Rowden. 1st XI match on Rowden. Bird watching trip to Bere Ferrers. Action from the playground. Colts football match on Herongate. The draining of the lake. Set football final. "Swish" Highton collects the cup. The year's ski trip to Oberlech and the Hotel Sonnenberg. General views of the grounds. The lake begins to refill. Trip to see the Tall Ship race competitors in Plymouth. Art class in the grounds. Cross country races. Winston.


Part 2. Cleaning the swimming pool. Sailing on the lake. Athletics day. 1st XI on the Oval. Visit to Galsworthy Farm. Invitation XI against Sunningdale School - lost. Pioneer weekend. Scenes from the swimming pool. Those tennis playing Swedes! Fly casting and canoeing on the lake. The golf final. Swimming gala. Waiting for the girls to arrive at the Eleven +. Conkers. a moorland walk. Surfing (and it was cold). Rugby training. Shots of pupils around the school. 1st XV match at St. Petrocs, including a fantastic conversion by the Association Secretary. Building the fireworks night bonfire. The boys running out of the sea is the end of the film, but there is a few extra clips at the end that are from another year.



Film time 80.17 mins.

Part 1 full colour footage. Opens with studies of the various characters in The Dream of Chief Crazy Horse. Various scenes from around the School. The ski trip to Alp Duez, France. Drawing lesson in the grounds. Athletics and cricket training. Golf training with Mr. Weeks. Wortham "special effect" footage. Tuck shop scenes, featuring Charlie Burbury and Daniel Huntington. Various scenes of cricket, sailing on the lake. A 1st XI cricket match, showing Will Churcher walking off after getting himself out. Footage of a 1st XI match. George Sharp scoring a 50. Mike Nolan bowling with Kevin Rees keeping wicket. Athletics day featuring Gavin Grier-Rees winning a race. Quintus Travis grimacing as he crosses the finish line. Rupert Woodard throwing the javelin. General views of the days and lots of faces to identify. Casting practice on the lake and swimming pool. Scenes from the swimming pool.


Part 2. Open day at the school. Fly casting in the swimming pool. Cricket match on the Oval. Angus Buchanan playing tennis. Wrestling matches - Mr Reed refereeing. The French play starring Pinder, de Pourtales and Gavin Grier-Rees The latter drives a car! Prize giving. Scenes from the Pioneer camp. A "camp" play with Jean de Pourtales, Angus Buchanan and Mike Nolan dressed as a woman! Alex Stannus doing tricks with a burning stick. The golf final between Youngman and Gerald McElney. Swimming gala and prize giving. Sailing on the lake. Picnics on Herongate. Waiting or the girls to arrive for the Eleven +. Sailing trip with HPW - Alistair Wood and Buchannan present. Another sailing trip with HPW + Bruce Burton and Quintus Travis. Re-surfacing the drive. Scenes from the grounds. A moorland walk. Wortham film "special effects". Felling a tree in the grounds. Rugby practice on the Stoney pitch with RBA. Captain Glossop teaching. Writing letters. Fireworks night. Geoff Sayers playing conkers. Studies of Sayers, Swarbrick, Ling, Rufus Wixen, Angus McBride, Chris Barley. Model making, featuring Alex Stannus, Rupert Woodard, Toby Ashworth. Perry playing pool. Smiley playing table tennis. 1st XV match. Rugby on Rowden. Playing by the playground. The felling of another tree. A helicopter visit by Santa.


This appears to be a collection of clips from the Summer term of 77 and some rugby footage of the 1st XV. Good highlights of the "famous" victory over Sunningdale. Mike Nolan getting a "Five for" against them and a huge glorious Six by the Association Secretary!!


We think this is an edited film of the out takes of 1977. It starts with someone writing the year in the condensation on a window. Wrestling, high jump and cricket action. Toby Stevenson running. Rugby training. Scenes from the playground. Gavin Grier-Rees skateboarding on the drive. Toby Ashworth playing "on the Rings". Skiing. Pupil (Gimson?) at desk. Scenes from the grounds. Flying model planes. Football on Rowden and Herongate. Scenes from the grounds. Robin Steel sketching. Football training with Ken Cload. Studies of many of the characters from "The Dream of Chief Crazy Horse" - full costume. Studies of boys on the playground featuring Speddy, Fox, Nichols, Lumley-Harvatt, Lee and de Pourtales. Boys preparing for work in the grounds. Wortham film "special effects". Sailing on the Tamar. Vicious pole "jousting" competition at the pool - contests between Quintus Travis(?) and Toby Stevenson, Chris Perry and John Macintosh, and the Final between Chris Highton and Chris Perry. RBA talking to boys. Various studies of younger pupils. Obstacle course. Graham Bush doing the course - badly! Tug o' war. competition. Junior rugby on the Stoney pitch. A lecture and walk in the country. Visit to Plymouth to see aircraft carrier. Various studies of trees. A helicopter trip. Football training (junior). Canoeing and fly fishing on the lake. Tree felling. A tennis match with Ken Cload umpiring.



Film time 56.61 mins.

We need your help to confirm this year. We think it might be a film HPW produced after he retired to show pupils during Charles Price's time - a typical year in the life of the school whilst he was Head. However we do feel the majority of the film is 1978. The footage of Robin Knox- Johnson returning to Falmouth is wrong. He completed the race in April 1969. The footage shows Sir Francis Chichester there to greet him. Sir Francis died in 1979. There is also some footage by the boat pond which shows a very young Q Travis. We have tried to guesstimate each sections date for your confirmation and future editing ( We don't really want to cut footage from any films but will do so if it is clearly wrong. However we do think this is basically HPW's 1978 film with the extra footage added to "round off" the year. With this in mind here is the description of the year: Part 1. Colour footage. Classic Wortham opening scenes with pupils appearing and disappearing, running at the camera etc. Various shots of the boys, working in the grounds. Helping HPW prune the Virginia Creeper (?) to the Main House. IK - was he there in 78? The troublesome Robin Knox Johnson footage (1969). (This is where we think the 1978 footage starts - can you confirm?) Skate boarding on the drive with Winston. Boys playing in the Tavy. Grandmothers visit and lunch. Footage of the 1st XI against Sunningdale. Floral studies. Athletics Day and displays. Construction of the Staff Room (This should be 1979). Wanderers Cricket match. Mark Thompson and Tim Cornish batting. Slow motion of Mark Thompson bowling. Views of the grounds and view down to Tavistock. Member of the school staff with Salmon. The staff room - almost complete. Day trip to Hay Tor (Hound Tor?).


Part 2. Opens with some footage of Digby Fox. Jean de Pourtales being taught to bat by Ken Cload. Angus McBride batting (these opening clips are earlier than 78, perhaps 75). Reading on the bank below staff room before is construction) with Miss Lee. Scenes from the boat pond. Very young Prouse and Quintus Travis (1974?). A walk on the moor with IK! (We think 78 returns at this point) Pupils mowing the grass. Athletics Day. Sailing on the lake. Pioneer weekend - bike race, kayaks on the lake. Cooking in camp Mrs Norrish judging the cooking contest. HPW "special effects" at the swimming pool. Helicopter flight with the Royal Marines. Trip to sea with the Royal Navy. Sailing, canoeing and fly casting on the lake. Floral views. The golf final. The swimming Gala. Walking down the drive to the Christmas Service in Tavistock. Wanderers Cricket. Tim Cornish, Mark Thompson and Jonathan Perry batting. Scenes of the grounds. Trip to the moors. Reading the grounds. Sailing trip with HPW. Junior rugby training. Scenes from the grounds, including felling a tree by the Oval. Inoculations!!! 1st XV against Montpelier. Team shot. Studies of pupils laughing. Confusing caption stating 1977, but we think this applies to the further "earlier" shots of pupils laughing.



Film time 55.54 mins.

Part 1. Full colour. Titled opening sequence leading to clips of views and events of the year. Wintry scenes. Birdlife in the grounds. Football matches on Herongate and the Firsts' pitch. The cross country. Saw/planking exhibition. Flowers in the grounds. Football on Rowden. Scenes of boys in the grounds. 79 set soccer final. Ling collecting cup. Scenes from the grounds. Ski trip footage. HPW bird watching. More wintry scenes of the grounds. Polling station. Boys playing with snow. Flowers in the grounds. The boat pond. Sailing and canoeing on the lake. Golf practice. 1st XI match. Mark McElney batting. Opposition all out for 11. Cricket on Herongate. Drawing lesson in the grounds. Athletics practice. More cricket on Herongate and 1st XI tea. Sailing on the Tamar with HPW. The construction of the Staff room. Preparing for a fishing trip. Slow motion of athletes.


Part 2. A trip to the moor. Flowers in the grounds. Junior rugby training in the playground. Scenes from the swimming pool. Bird watching trip. Scenes of the grounds. Demolition of the groundmass buildings. Another trip to the moor. Various scenes from around the grounds. Playing with Winston. Building the bonfire and fireworks night. 1st XV match. Rugby on Herongate. Break time, and conkers in the rear courtyard. Autumnal scenes of the grounds. Dominic Phillips chatting with Alain de Pourtales and another. Colts and 1st rugby match but where? Rugby practice in the playground. Snow balling. Reading in the library. Stamp collecting with Matron. Breakfast in the Dining hall. Working the dishwasher. Table tennis, pool and pinball. HPW with Winston. Construction of the Wortham Hall. Boys laughing to the camera.



Film time 45.50 mins.

Boys playing in the grounds. Various views of rugby training. Ken Cload coaching. 1st XV match at home. Scenes from the grounds. The ski trip to Oberlech.


Boys playing in the grounds. Miss Lee taking cricket lesson. Mr. Morland teaching archery. Patrick Cashell umpiring a cricket match on Herongate. Ken Cload coaching on the stoney pitch. Nick Howe waiting to bat. Richard Swarbrick batting (NOT 1981) The flowers in the grounds. Views of the grounds. Sailing on the Tamar, featuring Chris Morshead and John Sharp (not 1981) Boys writing. More flowering plants in the grounds. Boat trip to see aircraft carrier in Plymouth sound, featuring Stephen Morris and Bruce Burton. View of the boat pond and boys studying plants. A misty day at MH. Wortham "special effects" - boys jumping out of pool etc. The morning walk down the drive. Doubles tennis. Golf practice. Preparing for fly casting lesson. Grandmothers visit to the school, standing outside the new Wortham Hall. 1st match on the Oval. Colts match on Herongate. Athletics Day. Prize giving, the shooting competition and tea to the front of the school. Pioneer weekend. Canoeing on the lake. Various scenes of camp life. Mrs Norrish judging the coking competition. Athletics versus Wolborough. Archery competition. Winston running down the drive.



Film time 31.44 mins.

Wintry scenes of the grounds. Tobogganing. The year's cross country. Chris Cashell winning the junior title. Flowers in the grounds. 1st XI match away (St. Micheals Tawstock?) A Royal visit to Tavistock - Prince of Wales and Princess Diana. Football set final. Ski trip to Oberlech. Boys playing in the grounds. Fishing and sailing on the lake. Walking near Merrivale Quarry on Dartmoor. Cricket on the Oval and Herongate. Injured rook and young owl in grounds. Scenes from the grounds. Colts cricket. Boys mowing and driving tractor. Sailing on the lake. 1st XI match on the Oval. Cricket action on stoney pitch. Athletics day.

1971, 1975, 1997,1995, 1997, 1982

Film time 86.47 mins.

Opens with gradual build up of pupils in front of the school. Winston looks quite old so footage is from about 1982. Rupert Youngman getting hit with cricket ball. Steve White batting. Mark Barley running. Toby Ashworth getting in a tangle. Steve White takes a bow. Generally shots from over the years showing the boys at play. Wortham special effects. Chris Morshead eating a Pioneer camp meal. Toby Ashworth playing conkers. Patrick Cashell coaching. Playing board games. Scenes from the Cop Shop. Wintry scenes and tobogganing. Floods. Pupils watching TV. Skate boarding down the drive - featuring Andrew Cox, Bedoe, Gerald and Mark McElney. Boys jumping out of classroom window. Digging out the lower lake. Views of the grounds and the morning walk down the drive. A typical cross country day. Stormy coastal scenes. Flowers in the grounds. Gardening and helping the workmen. Yo-yoing. Trees in the grounds. A set soccer final. Carpentry work and goods produced, Sinclair Stevenson gets his Dad to test the deck chair he made!!! Tea in the hall. Scottish dancing. Down the drive for the Christmas service. A typical ski trip. Trees and flowers in the grounds. Sailing and canoeing on the lake. Another craze - roller skating. Colts cricket on Herongate. 1st XI action from the Oval. Painting the swimming pool gates. Sketching in the grounds. Tribal dancing on the veranda - Prouse and Morshead drumming. Chris Perry looks on. Sailing on the lake - a windy summers day. Bird life and ducklings in the pool.


1st XI action from the Oval. Colts action from Herongate. Sinclair Stevenson does a William Tell. Open day 1971. Build a camp competition? Games. 1977 footage. Tea at the Pavilion featuring Jean de Pourtales and Pinder Camp cooking and Mike Nolan eating the results. Nick Crowley tossing the Caber. Canoeing on the lake. Pole "joist" at the pool between Chris Fox and Chris Weir. Pioneer bike race and concert. Cooking competition. Leon Goosens' visit and cuts birthday cake. Wortham swimming "special effects". Footage of waves and beach. Sailing offshore and in the estuary. Alistair Wood and Toby Stevenson on the ropes and helm. The de Pourtales family + Suzie Buchanan-Allen visit by speed boat. Digging out the lake and the end result. Scenes of the grounds during the drought. Mr Morland and Alistair Wood fill container by standpipe. Trip to the moor. Felling a tree. Junior rugby training on the 1st pitch. Toby Ashworth under Sunflower. Boys in the grounds. Scenes from the playground. Lloyd Pritchard + others on skateboards. 1st XV match. Grandmothers lunch. Leon Goosens with his wife. Studies of boys. Conkers in the courtyard. Autumnal scenes in the grounds. Inoculations. (1975). Black and white footage of the orchestra (year unknown). Building the bonfire. Fireworks. Cutting up the birthday cake - but who is the birthday boy? George Sharp playing table tennis. Geoff Sayers playing pool. HPW + pupil swap places! Pupils using an early computer? Boys practicing calligraphy and making models. Stamp collecting. Richard Thomas writing a letter to his Mum. De Pourtales, Kevin Rees, David Thompson, Gavin Grier Rees and others at bath time. Study of boys + boys laughing!


1971, 1975-1977, 1973 and 1981

Film time 100 mins.

Football practice on the playground. A walk on the moor - beautiful misty scenes. Scenes from the tuck shop. Football match on Rowden. Cross country races. Phil De Glandville + others walking down hill. Boys in the grounds. The years ski trip to Austria. Wintry scenes of MH and the moors. Cricket and PE. Boy on crutches, boy practicing cricket in the playground. Patrick Cashell giving 1st XI pep talk. Sponsored walk(?) returning up the drive. Cricket on Herongate and junior athletics. Scenes from the grounds. Fly casting. Flooding in the grounds. The years school photo. 1st XI match on the Oval. Swimming and athletics footage. Yachts in the harbour (Plymouth?). Tennis and archery lessons. Athletics match (at Kelly College?). Nelson Lee winning sprint race. Sailing trip. Ken Cload teaching Colts on Herongate. Junior cricket on the Stoney pitch. Studies of Athletes. Flowers in the grounds.


Various footage from various years. A lot of this film footage is in the 1997 film revue.If you order this or the 1997 film we would love to hear your comments on the likely years featured. The film starts with footage of cricket matches on Herongate and the Oval from the early 70's. Wortham "special effects". Sinclair Stevenson + another re-enact the tale of William Tell. Open day 1971. Build a camp competition. Athletics and other competition Features young Nick Dyke and Chris Highton - perhaps 1972/3. Fishing on the lake. Fly tying. Pioneer camp (1977). Cooking. Mike Nolan eating. Nick Crowley tossing the caber. Canoeing on the lake. Pioneer bike race and scenes from the camp. Camp cooking competition. Mrs Norrish judging. Leon Goosens cutting birthday cake. Scenes from the swimming pool. Footage of waves and beach. Sailing offshore and in the estuary. Alistair Wood and Toby Stevenson on the ropes and helm. The de Pourtales family + Suzie Buchanan-Allen visit by speed boat. Digging out the lake and the end result.Mr Morland and Alistair Wood fill container by standpipe. Trip to the moor. Felling a tree. Junior rugby training. Toby Ashworth under Sunflower. Boys in the grounds. Scenes from the playground. Lloyd Pritchard + others on skateboards. 1st XV match. Grandmothers lunch. Leon Goosens with his wife. Studies of boys. Conkers in the courtyard. Autumnal scenes in the grounds. At this point the film varies from the 1997 film show. The footage now goes to a cross country race.


Another film that needs to be confirmed. It was labeled 1973- part 2, but has footage from 1981. A very good film with some great footage. Boys practicing on the Stoney pitch. Colts match in the Oval. Captain Glossop umpiring and Richard Thomas wicket keeping. Artist painting the school from the Oval. Boys drawing by the lake. Boys playing and hiding in the grounds. Views of the lake. A rainy day in Tavistock!! Spring flowers. Nets practice. John Macintosh juggling. Tim Knox laughing. Special effects filming of boys on the lawn mower. Pupil driving tractor pulling roller (nothing wrong with that!) Cycling and fishing in the grounds. Athletics Day. Boy reading book on the "Observer Single handed Transatlantic Race 1972". Route map. Footage of yachts in Harbour and some of the contenders. Yachts sailing in the Plymouth Sound. "Yachts" sailing on the boat pond and the lake. One of the Barley boys holds a Centenary plate. Open day at the school. Shooting competition. Cricket match on the Oval. Fly casting on the lake. Canoe exhibition and archery competition. Tea time. Ceremony outside the Wortham Hall. Boys on a beach. Visit to Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Dominic Phillips, John Healey and others on launch. Boys posing at the College. Boys sailing up the Tamar + visit to the fair. Dodgems and the big wheel. Cricket against Sunningdale. Sunningdale batting first. MH run chase and win. The two teams in front of the Pavilion. Patrick Cashell discusses the match with the players. Tea at the school. The Golf final. Scenes from the Swimming Gala. The years Eleven +. Boys in suits walking down the drive to the End of Term Service. Scenes from the grounds. Wanderers cricket match. Kevin Rees batting. Rufus Wixon with young Golden Retriever. Birdlife in the grounds. Sailing in Plymouth Sound. Gossemer in the grounds. Boys reading in their dorms before bedtime.

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